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Service and Action


What is Service and Action?

Service as Action allows the student to discover how what they learn in the classroom also can have a connection with what they encounter in the community.

Every student must take part in a Service as Action programme each year which may involve them in:

• feeling empathy towards others
• making small-scale changes to their behaviour
• undertaking larger and more significant projects
• acting on their own
• acting collaboratively
• taking physical action
• suggesting modifications to an existing system to the benefit of all involved
• lobbying people in more influential positions to act


All Service and Action is monitored via Managebac




Student Requirements


This is an approximation. In consultation with their mentor or the Service and Action leader the students may create one longer activity from two. Or extend the first activity into the second, etc.


MYP1 and TTO1 (TTO-V and -H)2 activities
MYP2, MYP3 and TTO2 (TTO-V and –H)3 activities
MYP4 and TTO3 (TTO-V and –H)community project*
MYP5 and TTO4 (TTO-V)1 activity








Service and Action Guide for students:

Service and Action Guide - for students.pdf


S&A Project Guide (TTO3, MYP4):

The S&A Project Handbook 2015-16 only.pdf


Service and Action Area Leader: Maaike Baert





Service and Action Policy:

Service and Action Policy (website).pdf






Looking for great Service as Action activities?
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