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The Personal Project:  IBO website                           latest update: 1 December 2016


                     Dear Student,
        It is your project, YOU contact the supervisor!



List with all PP-students (A-Z) & supervisors

 On this website you can find all info that can help you to make a good PP  .


The product is finished ... and now ... the
                   PP written report

Evidence sheets Evidence sheets
Nr 1 June 2016 (This is the same info as from your PP proposal on your PP-ManageBac page)
Nr 2 August 2016 (Progress product and planning after the summer)
Nr 3 November 2016 (Product finished and start written report)

Signed statement 2016-2017


Handout information PP Written Report; must be completed before
discussing it with your supervisor.


Power Point Presentation Written report


In text referencing is essential in the report,
here you find a guidance how to use MLA.


Two Written report examples:
These reports are free to use and realise that it is someone's individual work and you are not
free to copy it in any way. No appendi eces attached 
Example 1 Written report (A/B 7/8  - C/D 8/8   MYP-endgrade 7/7)
Example 2 Written report (A/B/C/D - 7/8          MYP-endgrade 7/7)


Checklist PP written report = appendix G from the PP-handbook


For all Personal project students




 Work on the PP-Written Report


 Work on the PP-Written Report


 First draft due 


Discuss First Draft with supervisor


 Improve PP-written report


Winter break


Winter break


 Improve PP-written report


 Final draft to supervisor                   Testweek TTO 4


 This week is the last option to contact the supervisor           
                                                                  Peer assessment Monday  23 January


 Finish your PP-Written report


Final PP-presentations         Thursday 9 February


Web version Persoanl Project Handbook 2016-2017    without appendices

Appendix A: All PP assessment Criteria
Appendix B: ATL skills
Appendix C: Process Journal
Appendix D: What is research
Appendix E: Global Context
Appendix F: IB learner profile
Appendix G Structure Written report and checklist


Presentation for Parents and Students


List with ideas for a Personal Project ......... as inspration.__




Very successful Personal project presentations / exhibition MYP 5 and TTO 4 students!

February 2016

At the annual Personal project Presentation and exhibition, 73 students from MYP 5 and
TTO 4 showed their projects to a group of proud parents, grandparents, friends and supervisors.
It was amazing to see the variety of projects all unique and personal; Composing music for
multiple instruments and having it be performed by an orchestra, creating a usable outdoor
pool table;, creating a photo book  expressing artistic ideas; these are just a few of the
wonderful projects presented on the 12th . You can find a complete list here.

When the students started with their projects in April 2015 they began to ask questions and
find answers, questions such as: why and how am I going to develop my idea or product.
The products were finished in November, followed by the Written Report, in which they
reflect on questions such as; Why have I done the things I did the way I did them? Why this
way? To what extent was my research useful and relevant. What choices did I make and when
I look back how did these choices turn out, why was it good and why was it not good?

In a special session all supervisors will discuss and standardise the reports. By the end of
week 11 this process will be completed and the final grades will be announced.

Well done, all of you, I’m proud of you.



Well done, I'm proud of you.
Ms H.A. Siderius
PP coordinator ISG/Maartenscollege



Proud students talking about their project.







'How to survive your Personal project' by Will Davies



Ms Siderius
PP coordinator
ISG / Maartenscollege