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What is Managebac?


Managebac is an online web based recording and reporting system.


Managebac holds information on your child's progress during his/her MYP and DP courses. Managebac will allow you to see assignments, homework tasks as well as criteria levels. At the end of every reporting period (Oct - progress checks, Dec, March and June) there will also be a summative grade - providing assessment in all of the criteria has been carried out. this summative grade follows MYP practice, and is out of 7 - not 10!! See our assessment page for more information.  


LOGIN for staff, students and parents:



International School Groningen (MYP & DP)


Maartenscollege TTO (MYP)                   


can't login? click on forgot password (make sure that '' is not blocked by your spam settings).


still can't login? mail from the email address you wish to use for Managebac! 







1. for students 


please note: to upload work and view your assessment details you must log in through your own account, not that of your parents!



  • community and service - click here
  • personal project - click here
  • full guide (3MB): click here




  • extended essay - click here
  • CAS - click here
  • full guide (4MB): click here


Hint: don't forget you can change your email to another account in your profile settings. Choose an email address that you regularly use (and won't forget to check!)!



2. for parents


Assessing Reports in Managebac


Accessing Reports in Managebac 2013.pdf


For the ISG:


This year we have decided to take a further step on the digital road and will only be issuing school reports electronically, via our reporting website, Managebac (


The main reason for this is cost to the environment, we estimate that approximately this, over a school year, will save the equivalent to one tree's worth of paper, around 8000 sheets - in addition to printing costs!


From 12:00 on Tuesday 26 Nov all students and parents will be able to access their first full report via the reports section. Full details on how to do this are enclosed as a pdf. In addition the booking form for parents evening is also sent by email and this can be completed and returned on paper, or, of course, just type the required information into an email and send it back to the school(


Copies are also available as download below.  For this report we will also be issuing MYP1 reports and details of parents' evening on paper.   Of course, many of you may still like a paper copy: if so, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can have a paper copy ready for collection by your son or daughter within 24 hours.


I hope you can agree with this way forward for the school and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. If you have trouble logging into Managebac please contact our dedicated helpdesk ( or check the special website (click here)  


On behalf of the school's management team,  

Mike Weston Jacqueline Eschweiler (Deputy Head MYP) Joke Jansma (Deputy Head DP)



Guide for parents to view current progress in Managebac



  • In Dutch - click here
  • In English - click here


  • In English - click here




 Parents' Guide (produced by Managebac):

  • accessing Managebac - click here (in English only)
  • full guide (all features) - click here (in English only)



Link to the Managebac support site: click here (in English only)




and finally...


for questions regarding the content of Managebac please contact your child's teacher and/or mentor


for technical questions regarding the use of Managebac please email: