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What a fantastic event! Over €1000 raised! WELL DONE and THANK-YOU!





But what is it all about??? Nynke Westerdijk, MYP5, writes for you:


Making a difference at the ISG & MaartensCollege

From the 3rd to the 5th of July the International School of Groningen (ISG) raised money for an organization called Kiva. Kiva is a micro financing  non-profit organization that allows people to give loans to individuals in developing countries using the internet. It works by donating an amount of money which is then sent to someone receiving the loan. Then after a certain amount of time the loan is paid back without interest. This money can be used again to finance someone else or the same person again.
During these three days the students were allowed to choose how they wanted to raise money and were split up into groups to further develop these ideas. Some examples of the workshops students chose are making and selling jewelry, repairing bikes in Groningen and creating a promotional video for Kiva. Each group got to pick their own person or group that they wanted to give the money they raised to.
The project is part of the “Make a Difference”, philosophy of the ISG. It teaches students how easy it is to help others and allows them to work together while working for someone else.  The reason we chose to focus on Kiva, is that we can see the results of the loans that have been given, and keep track of the people or groups that money has been given to via the Kiva website, Money is rarely lost as 98.97% of the loans are paid back. You can then chose to keep the money or give a loan to someone else.
The ISG wants to keep this project an on-going one and has, therefore, decided to set up a Kiva committee. The committee will consist of students from the final two years of the school. They will be in charge of the loans when they are paid back. This means that they will decide who the money will go to next. This will hopefully become a continuous process.



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