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The site is always under construction! as MYP grows and develops within the Maartenscollege this site will grow with it - so keep on coming back!

You can, however, find specific MYP related information by following the links shown on the heading above. A general outline of what MYP is can be read below and links to the curriculum (including assessment), the Personal Project (for the TTO3/4 and MYP4/5), Community and Service, SGS and the special projects and activities can be found above.

Please explore this site and let us know if we need to make improvements!

Downloads of important documentation and presentations from information evenings are all available on the downloads page - click here

Simone Hartholt (MYP Coordinator) -




From August 2015 the MYP has changed much of its system and organisation: the philosophy and vision remains the same, but the practice has been updated to really encompass the needs and thoughts behind 21st century learning.

This website will be updated as soon as possible, to reflect these changes.

For a recent presentaion ('prezi') about these changes, held at the Maartenscollege on October 12, 2014 see here...





What is MYP?


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MYP is:


•    for students aged 11 – 16
•    is a challenging framework for the taught curriculum


The MYP is not what is taught.
The MYP is the way that it is taught.


MYP makes a difference

It brings international mindedness to the forefront of education:
•    students understand and work with other cultures

It encourages a positive attitude to learning:
•    students are challenged
•    students are creative
•    students participate actively in their communities

It reflects real life:
•    students see the links between subjects and the real life issues in their community

It encourages communication:
•    students are presenters
•    students are reflective
•    students are expressive
•    students are critical thinkers


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